Creating Luxury Bathrooms

Have you ever been in a bathroom at someone’s home or maybe even in a fancy restaurant and wondered what it would take to create a luxurious bathroom at home? The bathroom is the second most expensive room to remodel in a home, coming in only behind the kitchen. With this being said, there are a few tricks that you can implement to get the look and feel of a luxury bathroom, without spending a fortune.

Smoky Glass Showers

When putting in a new shower consider using smoky glass instead of clear glass. The cost of this type of glass is not much more than the clear glass and it can add an air of sophistication to the entire room.


In order to take a traditional or modern space to a high end space the tiling that is chosen is important. Tiling from the floor to the ceiling can create a look of sophistication. If you do not want the cost of tiling all of the walls in the room, consider just tiling one or two of the walls from the bottom to the top. This will provide a finished look at a lower cost.

If you do want to tile all of the walls at a lower cost, consider faux stone or subway tiles. Choosing a darker grout can add a bit of drama to this look.


Choosing a large mirror can provide a lot of power to the room. It will cut down on the cost of tile as it will fill the majority of a wall and it will seem to double the size of the room even if the bathroom is not that big to begin with. Consider placing a mirror large enough to go from wall to wall in order to create a space that seems vast.


The type of vanity that you choose will depend a lot on the space that you have and the money that you want to spend. There are many great vanities available at a low cost. Wooden vanities can add sophistication to the room. There are also ceramic and metal vanities that can add a more modern or vintage look depending on what you prefer.

Overall, luxury bathrooms do not have to cost a fortune to create. There are many ways to renovate your bathroom to make it more luxurious without spending a ton of money.