Blurb Review

Blurb is a website where business people, authors, book makers and photographers can create, sell, publish, and distribute magazines, trade books, photo books and digital formats. This is a self-publishing platform for the average Joe.


Blurb offers free applications that will make your life easier as a publisher. For instance, BookWrite is a free tool that will allow you to publish your book quickly and easily in a wide range of formats from print books to ebooks. Pre-designed layouts will allow you to create a photo book right away with short captions and other features.

BookSmart is another application designed to simplify the layout of your book, and many other things. There is also a plug-in designed for InDesign that you can use to create a blank template ready to be published on Blurb. There is also a book creation tool that comes built-in with Adobe Lightroom that will allow you to make some incredible photo books.


If you love photo books, you will adore the features that Blurb has in store for you, as you will be creating professional-quality, stunning publications in no time. The photo-quality paper and rich visual features of these books will really amaze you. Want to go beyond the family photo album? You can do it with Blurb’s book-making tools.

Distribute and Sale

Blurb allows you to choose any distribution program that meets your goals, no matter where your potential clients are or who they are. Blurb Direc Sell will allow yout to use the Personal Storefront widget in your site. You can even sell your book through the Blurb’s online store and keep 100% of the profits.

If you want to sell your book on Amazon, Blurb will handle all the details for you. Sounds good? Yes, it is really good. They will even ship the order and send you the money via PayPal. Need global distribution? Then Ingram Conten Group is the way to go, and Blurb will aid you in the process, though only some books will be accepted into this program. Blurb will also help you sell your books on the famous Apple’s iBooks Store.


– Easy to use. The tools that Blurb provides are very easy to use.
– Excellent paper quality. You will get the gloss finish you have been looking for.
– Seamless integration with Photoshop and other high quality design software.


– They should have an Aperture plugin.
– Customer service might need some improvements.


Blurb can take your self-publishing efforts to a whole new level, so give it try (see