What Is Documentary Wedding Photography Anyway?

Every couple wants their big wedding day to be special. Just as every couple wants the opportunity to immortalize that day in time; to ensure that they never forget; to keep memorabalia that they can show to their friends, family and children down the line for years to come. One of the best ways to do this is to hire a professional Kent wedding photographer such as Lovepear Photography to capture that special day in exquisite images through their camera.

Although most people know that there will be someone taking photos at the ceremony, visit homepage of Kent wedding photography and learn it is much more than just about someone telling people to smile and say ‘cheese’ at the count of three. It is an art that captures the most natural and happiest of moments during the whole day.

The terminology can get a little confusing, but wedding photographers in Kent know that you, as the customer, needn’t worry about that. But since you are the curious type, we are going to discuss one of the most sort after wedding photography styles in the history of the field: documentary wedding photography.

What is documentary wedding photography anyway?
Have you ever seen photographs that look completely natural? The kind of photographs you only see on movie billboards, where the superstar seams absolutely nonchalant and unaware of the camera? There are wedding photos which show people in the element. They are naturally smiling, dancing, talking and generally having a good time. They are not consciously assembled somewhere to have their photos taken.

That is documentary wedding photography. This is when an experienced Kent wedding photographer like Lovepear can capture the images of the people in the ceremony without them usually being aware of it. As experience has shown, these are the best kind of images. Images that show people being themselves.

Why is documentary wedding photography important?
The one thing about professional documentary wedding photographers is that they are discreet. They will be at the venue and go almost unnoticed. This gives them an opportunity to:

– Capture the most candid of moments among the guests
– Capture those moments that would normally go unnoticed
– Capture the most natural form of the celebrations

Documentary wedding photography means that the photographer does not interfere with the proceedings at all. They just capture every possible moment without directing or molding it in any way. If you think about it, this is one of the best forms of photography today as it actually captures the truth; when people are at their most relaxed state.